Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh, and now I'm ashamed for my country

A Canadian professor says he gladly accepted an invitation from Iran's hardline Islamist government to speak at an international conference questioning the Holocaust.

But Dr. Shiraz Dossa, a soft-spoken political science professor at Nova Scotia's St. Francis Xavier University, said he doesn't put himself in the same category as some of the "hacks and lunatics'' attending the event.
Dr. Dossa actually does sound like he's genuinely not a racist - but seriously? You went to Tehran for a conference on the Holocaust, and you're surprised at the audience? Talk about dense.
Dossa told The Globe he was alarmed to discover that Holocaust deniers played such a visible role at the conference.

"I did not know exactly who was coming to the conference, and frankly, I think these people are hacks and lunatics," he said. "I frankly wouldn't even shake hands with most of them."
Yes, I'm sure that was an easy mistake to make. Who would expect virulent anti-semitism in the Middle East?

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Anonymous said...

Gives the lie to Harper's statement that "the [Holocaust] conference is an offence to all Canadians."

Which is unfortunate.