Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kinda sick today

Trying to kill a cold before it overwhelms me. Lots of fluids. Less blogging.

Some things to read:

Vues D'ici on Equalization, and the 0% chance of the provinces agreeing to anything. This means the Feds will impose a plan. Being a person who supports Ottawa actually, duh, exercising it's constitutional powers, I say to thee, Jim Flaherty: Go for it. Establish the principle that Ottawa can kick a little ass in the national interest, and we'll clean up your mess when you're gone.

Paul Krugman on inequality in the US. Guess what - Canada is a more class-mobile society than the US. Horatio Alger goes to Tim Hortons, suckers.

Oh, and some housekeeping: Pinochet is dead, we should all be happy he's dead, and could we please stop supporting horrible dictators simply because we agree with their economic policies, please. We're looking at you, Islam Karimov.

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