Friday, December 08, 2006

Credit where it's due, cont.

Harper's government is getting the rare two-post day from me, and this time it's a genuinely praiseworthy move:
Environment Minister Rona Ambrose said the new chemicals management program would provide Canadians with information about the chemicals in the products they choose.

Harper said the plan is to spend $300 million over four years, virtually eliminate use of a number of particularly toxic chemicals and place tight controls over others.

The list of banned chemicals includes 200 already proven harmful to animals, and suspected to be potentially harmful to human health.
I wonder how little the Conservatives have to do before they'll officially have a better environmental record than the Liberals. Surely not much more...


Declan said...

Did you miss this part:

"The announcement follows a seven-year effort under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to identify dangerous substances among the 23,000 chemicals available in Canada.

Ambrose explained that since 1994, new chemicals have not been manufactured in Canada or imported here without undergoing a scientific risk evaluation."

Also, what are they spending the $300 million on. How much does it cost to ban a chemical?

lance said...


Doesn't matter. As the Liberals are now the Kyoto party, the CPC are now the environmental party.

Perception defines peoples realities.