Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a wonderful world

CNN saying that Allen is conceding in Virginia, meaning the Dems have a 51-49 Senate, Cheney is irrelevant, and Bush is still going to try and push Bolton through the lame-duck session before the Dems take over.

Other people have said it, but I'll repeat it - if he weren't such a blithering, dunderheaded racist, you'd almost - almost - feel bad for George Allen. Here's a guy who, not six months ago, was being talked about as a possible Presidential contender in 2008. He was running for the Senate this time as a step towards that, and he made such a colossal fuckup of it that he'll be lucky now if he can make it on to speaking tours.

Anyway, I don't actually feel bad for Allen, because he is a blithering racist, and a Republican besides. Welcome, Senator-Elect Webb, welcome Majority Leader Harry Reid, and welcome, President Bush, to the 110th Congress.

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