Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Unsettling report

It's from the unreliable Washington Times, but if true it's probably not a great day for the US Navy.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Chinese submarine stalked a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group in the Pacific last month and was undetected until it surfaced within firing range, The Washington Times reported on Monday.

The Chinese Song-class diesel-powered attack submarine was seen within five miles of the carrier Kitty Hawk and its accompanying warships on October 26, the newspaper said, citing defence officials.

The surfaced submarine was spotted by a routine surveillance flight by one of the U.S. carrier group's planes, the report said.

A Navy spokeswoman in Washington had no comment on the report.
Not too long ago, the very idea of a Chinese-made diesel sub sneaking up on a Navy carrier group would have been dismissed out of hand.

Like I said, the Washington Times is unreliable.

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Gar Lipow said...

Not only is the Washington Times unreliable, but building up the Chinese as super powerful and a threat to the U.S. is high on the military and foreign policy agenda.