Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Things I did not know, cont.

Much of southern Manitoba is open water. Those are some big lakes.

My Canadian geography teachers must really have sucked.

(Yes, it's a totally useless blog post. What can I say, until they call the House I ain't jinxing nothing.)


Declan said...

Perhaps playing 'Northwest Fur Trade' on the ICON really was educational, after all...

Declan said...

Actually, looking at the wikipedia article reminded me of 'Offshore Fisherman' the game where I learned that the quickest route to success as an offshore fisherman was unceasing dredging of the ocean floor.

The ICON really was educational!

Perhaps most educational of all was the game designed to simulate managing your personal finances, which included an option to invest your money in the 'stock market' which was built into the game.

Rather than updating every day or month, the prices in the stock market updated every time you checked them. All the stocks moved in what I believe was random walk, with the exception of the CEMCORP (the company behind the ICON) stock, which always went up. So with infinite patience to check the market over and over again, you could have infinite riches.

Good times, good times...

Croghan27 said...

Speaking of geo-ography/ology;

I always found it interesting that this part of N.America used to be part of a super-duper Lake that now has shrunk into the naught but the Great Lakes - they are large, but nothing to campare to this mother-fucker.

One theory I hear is that upon the melting of the glaciers, the lifted weight allowed that land mass to move up - and so we have Manitoba. (Thank you, God.)

There are even two Red Rivers there ... one that Gene Autry sang of ... "remember the Red River valley..." it flows north - and the Canadian one .... it flows south. They are separated in places only by a Paul Bunion spitting distance.

Our good friends to the south are now planning to unite the streams - allowing fish species from one to invade the other, and any desease/weed/growth in one to migrate to the other.

Lets hear it for Contenantal unity!
Don't it make you proud?