Friday, November 03, 2006

There is no God

...or if there is, only a god of injustice and cruelty. How else to explain this?
As Iraq slips further into chaos, the war's neoconservative boosters have turned sharply on the Bush administration, charging that their grand designs have been undermined by White House incompetence. In a series of exclusive interviews, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, David Frum, and others play the blame game with shocking frankness. Target No. 1: the president himself....

Perle goes so far as to say that, if he had his time over, he would not have advocated an invasion of Iraq: "I think if I had been delphic, and had seen where we are today, and people had said, 'Should we go into Iraq?,' I think now I probably would have said, 'No, let's consider other strategies for dealing with the thing that concerns us most... Could we have managed that threat by means other than a direct military intervention? Well, maybe we could have."

No apologies for the profanity. These cowardly little turds got exactly the war they asked for, and now that it turns out it's not the war they wanted, they want a mulligan.

Probably the most empty-headed statement comes - unsurprisingly - from Canada's Worst Sontm, David Frum:
I always believed as a speechwriter that if you could persuade the president to commit himself to certain words, he would feel himself committed to the ideas that underlay those words. And the big shock to me has been that although the president said the words, he just did not absorb the ideas.
Shorter David Frum: No, really, Bush is just too fucking stupid for words.

Of course, if you'd like a pinch of misogyny with your cravenness and duplicity, Michael "I'm a psychopath" Ledeen is your man:
Ask yourself who the most powerful people in the White House are. They are women who are in love with the president: Laura [Bush], Condi, Harriet Miers, and Karen Hughes.
Right. It's the women's fault. Because I happen to know for a fact that Laura Bush was the one who vetoed the idea of more troops for Iraq. And Harriet Miers let Bin Laden go in Tora Bora.

It took a while, but Dante is finally obsolete - there is no circle of hell sulphurous and painful enough for these men.


Declan said...

"Canada's worst son..."

Is Frum worse than Steyn? Tough one.

Olaf said...


Great effort, I knew you could fight through the Friday bloggin' blues.

I enjoyed the use of the term mulligan, and the analogy to Dante's inferno especially.

And can we really compare Frum to Mark Steyn? The latter is hilarious, whatever you think of what he says.

Speaking of Islamism, John, check out this documentary which Jason Bo sent me... looks pretty interesting.

john said...

"Is Frum worse than Steyn?"

Based on the proximity to the Bush administration, yes.

auntiegrav said...

Are they lying now or were they lying then? Does it matter? The fuckers did EXACTLY what they knew they wanted to do: take Iraq out of the oil production equation and put military bases there. That's it. Would they do it again, knowing the consequences? They damn sure would, because Dick would tell them to. Go back to "Crossing the Rubicon" days. When they come back and say, "We would have killed Bin Laden in his hospital", THEN I'll start to think they MIGHT be giving some ground to what they ALL really 'pulled' off, Guilliano and Silverstein included.
"If the American people knew what we were doing, they'd lynch us in the streets." - attributed to a former Presidential Republican candidate with too many drinks in his belly.

Adrian MacNair said...

A great post. It really is a remarkable period of time in America, where pass the buck is the new food for thought.

"It's not my fault, it's your fault, his fault, their fault, her fault, it's fault, that fault, this fault, by default..."