Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No loyalty in the Pachyderm kingdom, apparently

Lions vs. Elephants. Or rather, an elephant. Apparently, the rest of the herd of elephants saw their friend being attacked by 7 lions, and said "sucks to be you!", leaving her to her fate.

Now, I'm not saying I'd be much better in their place as a human being - if one of my friends is attacked by 7 lions, and I'm not heavily armed and layered with kevlar, you can pretty much count me out. (Friends: You've been warned.) But then, I'm not a 4-ton stomping machine with foot-long ivory tusks of doom. If there's a herd of us elephants, and 7 lions come up wanting to start shit, I kind of wonder why the elephants don't make quick work of these cats.

Proportionally, isn't a lion basically like a large housecat to an elephant?

(Shut up. It's early, and this video intrigued me. And maybe I watch to much Discovery Channel.)


celestialspeedster said...

I never expected a political enthusiast like you to subscribe to anthropomorphism.

Substitute the lions and elephants with Liberal and Conservative MPs (not respectively) and you would probably laugh really hard.

Speaking of disturbing elephant deaths, I am still scarred by an episode of the Kratt Brothers animal show that featured a baby elephant being brought down by a pride of lions. The disturbing part was that the poor baby elephant was hemmed in from behind by the Kratt Brothers' jeep. The Kratt Brothers' response was to back the jeep up a few feet then continue to enjoy their front row seats to the carnage. The death happened pretty slowly because it took so many lions hanging off the baby elephant to bring it down. This is children's programming?

john said...

Political junkies are already so good at thinking of their human opponents as beasts, it's pretty easy to flip that.