Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Matthew Yglesias advocates Satanism

Or at least, I'm sure that's how it will be spun. He's doing the unthinkable - recognizing that American power has limits, and that American leaders should respect those limits. Next thing you know, he'll be demanding that the Government nationalize the car industry or something equally deviant.
...the complaints naturally blend concerns about Putin's authoritarian tendencies with complaints about his geopolitical views -- in particular, willingness to sell stuff to Iran and Venezuela and so forth. Anatol Lieven's convinced me that this needs to be put into the context of America's policy toward Russia. This started out with expansion of NATO into Central Europe. It continued with NATO expansion into the Baltics -- former Soviet Republics that have been in the Russian sphere of influence since the 18th century or some such. Then we helped sponsor the overthrow of Russia-friendly governments in Ukraine and Georgia and started talking about adding those countries to NATO.

Now I won't deny that there's something to be said on behalf of all of these policies. They do, however, come with a price.
Price? That's Commie-speak. American foreign policy decisions never carry any price whatsoever, and never, ever, have any repercussions for America down the road.

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