Friday, November 17, 2006

Ignatieff abandons the pretense of coherency

...he does it in service of a goal I support: Bashing Stephen Harper. Still, this leaves me confused:
Liberal leadership contender Michael Ignatieff blasted Stephen Harper Thursday, criticizing the prime minister for engaging in "megaphone diplomacy" on his foreign policy stance toward China....

Ignatieff praised China for improving the economic and social rights of their citizens over the last decade....

But Ignatieff said China also needs "to join the international community on these standards."

"But the right way to do that is to lower the megaphone, lower the volume, get into rooms, stand up for our values quietly."
There's nothing really in those sentences that I disagree with, shockingly. So credit where it's due. Nevertheless, it's a bit dissonant to see Canada's Morally Superior Champion of Human Rights(tm) come out and say that sometimes you need to negotiate patiently and quietly. I thought the proper response to profound, systematic human rights abuses was pre-emptive war?

Maybe I should just leave it at this: I don't disagree with Ignatieff's statements about China.

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