Thursday, November 09, 2006

Haw, haw

MAKER OF entertainment gear, Apple has decided to dump its 'Mac Guy' advertisements because the character is a 'smug little twit'.

According to Radar Online, the advertising campaign was designed to show a PC guy and a Mac Guy talking about the advantages of their different systems. Of course the Mac Guy was supposed to win the argument.

Alas while viewing audiences felt that while the Mac Guy may have proved his case, most of them wanted to pummel the smug little twit into a coma and jump on his bleeding body until the cops arrived.

In fact most of them liked the PC guy, John Hodgman, better, which was not really the point.

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auntiegrav said...

Yup. Now maybe a few people will understand why the Amiga didn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell (or Earth). We KNEW it was better, WHY it was better, and even SHOWED people it was a better computer than both Macs and PC's. We got pummeled again and again by the fuckin' idiots who wanted to "have a computer like the one I have at work".
The end result is a bunch of bad clones of graphic technology and multimedia and pseudomultitasking.
But you wouldn't care about that, since it's more important to discuss the popularity among the lemmings than the content of the chaos....