Monday, November 13, 2006


No matter how bad Ambrose is - and here I'm less charitable than Olaf - Vic Toews is exploring whole new dimensions of badness, having seemingly determined that the Conservatives won a majority in the last election based on Harper's strong and well-publicized views on using the law as a cudgel to beat gays and lesbians.

Toews believes this, it seems, because a) he failed remedial math, and thus continually overcounts the number of Conservative MPs in Ottawa, and b) he is also functionally illiterate, and thus never read the memo from Harper, titled "re: Shut the fuck up until we win again, you neanderthal."

"Warmest regards, Stephen."

The terrifying alternative proposal is that Toews is so dumb he actually thinks any of the leaks from his office might actually help his party, in which case he's seriously misjudged the Canadian people.

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