Thursday, October 26, 2006

Silver linings to grey IEDs, or something

I have a confession, one I'm not proud of or even remotely comfortable with. This is going to sound - hell, this is - incredibly callous on my part, but it looks like the Democrats are going to be able to say, for the last week of the election campaign, that October 2006 was one of the worst months for American casualties in Iraq since the war began.

Seeing as the first step in staunching this hemorrhage of American blood - and the positive deluge of Iraqi blood - is for the Democrats to retake control of the US government, I can't say I'm 100% opposed to this outcome.

This, to me, is the worst thing about the Bush administration: Not that they've been bad, but that they've been so bad I actually see corpses and think, "Fuck, if this is what it takes to restore sanity to Washington..." As much as I hate what Bush has done to Iraq, and what he's done to America, I hate what he's done to me, and the way I think, too.

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