Wednesday, October 18, 2006


In response to the Conservatives booting Garth Turner, David Akin speculates Turner may be invited to join the Green Party. As I mentioned a few posts down, the Greens are doing surprisingly well these days - close to double digits! - and as much as I have been a bit dismissive of the Greens in the past, I do wish them luck. Forcing an explicitly-environmental party in to the public debate may be the only way to get the incumbent parties and the media to take the environment seriously. (The NDP has an excellent environmental policy that, sadly, few people know exists.)

Aside from that, it would once and for all end the assumption the media seems to have that the Greens are an NDP schism.

I don't think there's a lot of long-term chance for a Green ascendancy, without some earthquake, but it would temporarily change the nature of the debate in Canada.

Final thought: How many governments - in a precarious minority situation - knowingly give up any seats? How stupid is Harper, after all?


Mark Francis said...

I've added to the speculation here:

The NDP do strive to have good enviro policy, but still have problems understanding that the environment is not a plank.

It's the entire ship.

You cannot have lasting social justice without lasting environmental justice.

And that works the other way as well.

Adrian MacNair said...

The Green Party has been my protest vote in 3 different elections.