Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I was wondering about that

I thought it was just me who had a weird sense of deja vu, but if Andrew Coyne says it, well...
Watching Mr. Ignatieff’s supporters shouting down Stephane Dion at the weekend leaders’ debate in Montreal, it was impossible not to be taken back to another such occasion, in the same city, nearly a generation ago. Then, it was Paul Martin’s supporters, chanting “vendu” at Jean Chretien for his unwillingness to endorse the Meech Lake Accord. Now it is Mr. Ignatieff’s, Mr. Dion having shown the same reluctance to constitutionalize “national” status for the province.
I think Paul Wells' next book should be about how Martin's control over the Liberal Party is going to lose them the 2007 elections, too.

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