Monday, October 30, 2006

Heh. Indeed.

Jonah Goldberg writes about Battlestar Galactica:
In a society scientifically so much more advanced, it seems to me that the issue would no longer be controversial one way or the other. Either contraceptive technology would have "solved" the problem. Or moral dogma about abortion's acceptable parameters would have been long established.
Robert Farley writes:
Ron Moore has left us some subtle hints indicating that he's not optimistic about the ability of technology to solve basic societal problems. These hints include the low level of much Colonial technology, the vulnerability of high tech equipment to Cylon attack, the emphasis on religion as an enduring element of the human experience, and, last but not least, the fact that he's produced a show about killer robots who overthrow and try to exterminate humanity.
"The issue" Goldberg is writing about is abortion - featured in an episode of Galactica, last season. Ignoring Farley - who is absolutely right in his analysis - I think one potential technological "fix" (in the sense Goldberg means it) would be some kind of artificial uterus. (God help us all, Wikipedia has an entry for "artificial uterus.") Of course, all this does is allow pre-natal adoption, if you will. A woman with an unwanted pregnancy could, theoretically, have her embryo removed and implanted in a tube - and then move on with her life.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why a woman might still choose to abort a fetus rather than pursue this path, in the same way that women choose abortion over adoption today. But it would provide more options for women, a good thing in my books. So I don't see this as a "fix" the way I think Goldberg means it.

More worryingly, my nightmare is that Christian Conservatives would build warehouses full of these artificial wombs, and start mass-adopting "snowflake babies" and raise an army of indoctrinated aryan superbabies. But then, I read too much Science Fiction.

...actually, go ahead and raise the superbabies. I'm just watching a CNN piece about young evangelicals starting to vote Democratic this year. Nothing would amuse me more than some sheltered, tube-grown young Christian teen experimenting with liberal politics. Oh, the horror!


Berlynn said...

Echos of The Handmaid's Tale in this post. Eerie!

Noumenon said...

A funny post about abortion. Not only had I never seen one, I'd never conceived of such a thing! Indoctrinated Aryan superbabies, indeed.