Friday, October 27, 2006

Freakin' Star Trek nerds

Currently there is much debate over what name CVN-78, the first CVN-21 class carrier, should bear. This is elevated by the fact that the name of the lead ship of the class will be extended to all members of the class. As it currently stands, CVN-78 will replace the current USS Enterprise, making her name a viable candidate for CVN-78. Unsuprisingly, this has drawn out many fans of the TV series Star Trek, who are mounting a writing campaign to have the new carrier named Enterprise. This would, however, be problematic with respect to tradition as CVN-78 will likely be commissioned several months before CVN-65 is decommissioned.
Seriously, I love you guys, but calm the hell down with the letter-writing campaigns.

The Navy, understandably, does not want two ships named Enterprise in service at the same time. However, just as understandably, the Navy will not abandon the name Enterprise. The name Enterprise has been on ships fighting for America for longer than there's been a US Navy. More importantly in this context, the carrier USS Enterprise was one of the most-celebrated vessels in WWII.

What makes this all ridiculous is that there are two more carriers planned in the CVN-21 class, scheduled to commission in 2018 and 2021. I would bet my house, if I owned one, that one of those vessels will be named Enterprise. So at most, the world would have a grand total of 6 years without a ship named Enterprise. By contrast, there was an almost 15-year gap between the sixth and seventh Enterprises.

On the other hand, the proposal by Sen. Warner is to name the CVN-78 the Gerald Ford. Seeing as it is the first of it's class, that would mean all CVN-21 class carriers would be called "Gerald Ford-class carriers". While it would amuse me if the USS Gerald Ford were to accidentally attempt to liberate Poland, I think maybe a third option would be best.


Axinar said...

Oh, come now ... if the Star Trek fans have their way the new ship will either be CVN-65-A, or, better yet ...

CVN-1701! :)

auntiegrav said...

"The Gerald R. Ford": A "Ford"-class carrier build. Navy personnel have to go to a short class on firefighting before going onboard a ship. In the case of the Ford class, I'm sure there is some special class for fire-based recalls.
Nothing says "Call the Fire Department" like a little blue oval.