Friday, September 29, 2006

Peter MacKay: Whiny Asshat

Peter MacKay reacted with "volcanic fury" when Belinda Stronach revealed she was defecting to the Liberal cabinet, a new book claims.

During talks that lasted into the early hours of the morning, MacKay begged Stronach not to leave him, warning her defection would "destroy the Conservative Party."
Petey, of course, meant it would destroy the Conservative party of his heart.

Seriously, what a pantywaist. Belinda, by Don Martin's account, at least tried to deal with it maturely:
"Maybe I was naïve in some ways," she told the author. "I still think it's possible to see someone in an opposite party. Clearly he didn't agree. I would've liked another day to talk him through it."...

The biography says MacKay proceeded to treat Stronach to "snide comments, nasty e-mails and furious glares across the Commons aisle."...As she cast a key budget vote that kept the Liberals in power, the book says, MacKay "deliberately and defiantly" waved his tie, which she had given him just a few weeks earlier.
Ah yes, nothing says "fuck you, bitch!" like prominently displaying your ex's generosity.

This isn't the first report I've heard of MacKay being an ass about Belinda, but it is the most authoritative. Seriously, dude, get over it. Man up.

What I find truly amusing is the above-cited reference to destroying "the Conservative Party". This might be the only time in history that I had more confidence in Stephen Harper's leadership than Peter MacKay. Never, for a second, did I believe that Belinda's departure would be a long-term blow to the Conservatives, for the very same reason Belinda left the party - she wasn't in the end, a very good Conservative, nor was she comfortable in the Party.

I'll say one last thing: This whiny toad of a man is now our foreign minister. God help us when Condi has to break any bad news. There aren't enough potato patches in the world...

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Olaf said...


I think you're being too hard on the guy. I can't get through a day without reacting with volcanic fury, for far lesser reasons.