Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a President does

Boy. I wonder why we never heard about this before: During the Katrina aftermath, Al Gore personally assisted with the evacuation of surgery patients for New Orleans hospitals.
Steve called back. He had found one, possibly two planes. It would cost $50,000 per flight. FasterCures would have to be prepared to sign contracts that day. I called my home office and got permission to do that. I emailed Gore and asked for his help in raising the money. He committed to paying for the planes and urged us to move forward. He also offered to bring two doctors, his cousin Col. Dar LaFon, USAF Ret’d, who served in Somalia and ran the military hospital in Baghdad after the invasion. He was board certified in Altitude Physiology and Internal Medicine. He also brought a Doctor from Vanderbilt, Dr. Anderson Spickard.
My lord. Even after being robbed in 2000, Al Gore's a better president then the squatter imposed on the US.

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DAVE said...

Simply because he's the better humbler man. A good person doesn't do good and brag about it later. Gore shoulda coulda been prez, but he got robbed