Friday, July 28, 2006

Your Morning Optimism

A California family that grows enough food to supply 3/4 of their food needs on 1/10 of an acre.
Jules Dervaes, along with his three grown children, lives on 1/5 of an acre in suburban Pasadena and cultivates about half the property, or 1/10 of an acre. Given that the average American's diet requires 1.2 acres of farmland per person, the Dervaeses are eating quite well off one-fiftieth of the land the rest of us require.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture reports that most California corn or rice farms produce an annual yield of less than a 1/2-ton per acre and the average bean farm 1/5-ton per acre. The Dervaeses' operation is about 60 to 150 times as efficient as their industrial competitors, without relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Puts a smile on my face. Read the rest of the article - this is a family living the model of a sustainable lifestyle. Including a biodiesel SUV.

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