Monday, July 10, 2006

Some Energy Link Goodness

Wholesome tasty links via The Oil Drum, Gristmill, and Energy Bulletin:

-Iranian guy sez world is just about at Peak Oil.

-Remember that massive, earth-saving Mexican oil discovery a while back? Turns out, not so much. Try modest natural gas well. I'm gonna take a moment and gloat about how right I was.

-America (The Saudi Arabia of Coaltm) is importing coal. Go figure.

-Dave Roberts is right: This is simple madness.

-Carbon sequestration not looking so good now, is it?.

-And this is an excellent piece of journalism on Peak Oil. An Australian news program looks at the problem, and covers all the bases nicely. One quote from a naive market optimist: "When the price of eggs is high enough, even the roosters will lay them." Maybe he should have said, when the price is high enough, even egg-shaped rocks will look good.

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