Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh, Brilliant

Sure this won't lead anywhere unpleasant:
Russia signed a £1.6bn arms deal with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela today, risking a confrontation with the US, which has imposed an arms embargo on the South American country.

The outspoken Venezuelan president, who has claimed that America wants to assassinate him and pledged cheap heating fuel for London's poor, also told reporters in Moscow that his country could develop its own nuclear programme.

"Maybe some day we will start using nuclear energy," he said, according to Interfax. He did not specify when or how he might obtain nuclear power, but his ambitions will rile a Bush administration already deeply concerned by Iran's nuclear programme. Moscow has agreed to build nuclear power plants for Tehran, despite Washington's claim that the scheme is a front for a nuclear weapons programme.

1 comment:

Adrian MacNair said...

Three words and one anacronym: "F**k The U.S. govt"

Chavez has no interest whatsoever in nuking the U.S., nor are they a threat, nor is Cuba, nor is any latin American country that has joined Mercusor. It's a complete trump charge by Washington to resist a country that has aligned itself with socialism in order to fight against a poverty that gripped an entire continent. Meanwhile the Americans have gotten fatter and fatter on their own energy- consuming, resource-consuming, excess-driven capitalist shrine of decadence they call a "country".