Friday, July 07, 2006


You've got to be kidding me - Alberta wants money from the Feds for road repair?

I hereby promise to vote Conservative in the next election, on the condition that Jim Flaherty's response to this is an official letter (from the office of the Minister of Finance, signed!) saying the following.
Dear Mr. Klein,

Fuck you no.

Sincerely and Genuinely,

Jim Flaherty,
Minister of Finance.
C'mon, I know I'm not the only one who wants that. Conservatives: YOU COULD WIN ONTARIO AND QUEBEC. SERIOUSLY.

The actual issue is so ridiculous that I'm surprised Conservatives can even support this bullshit:
Lund rejected suggestions that with oil at $75 a barrel, Alberta may have a tough time getting money out of Ottawa while sitting on a surplus that will likely rival that of the federal government.

"It's foolhardy to think that just because we have a surplus that we have to spend it," the minister said. "We have to invest it."
Alberta - which has wasted a decade of revenues on tax cuts and neoconservative policy disasters (electricity deregulation, anyone?) - is now begging for (mostly) Ontario's money, after we Ontarians have been lectured, hectored, and berated about how we're out of touch with Canada, we don't work as hard as Alberta does, etc, etc.

And now Lund and his government - after giving away billions of dollars last year to no real effect - are pleading poverty? Gag me with a spoon.

(via the Jurist.)

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Anonymous said...

So, next time Ontario sits ion the money the country should discard federalism and the working agreements and say f - you. Yes, it may be good politics in Ontario and Quebec for the moment. But travel a short distance down this path and there won't be a country left. And yes, Ontario has put a lot into Canada and got a lot out. As has Alberta. Reasons to keep it going, not rip it up.