Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mocking the disabled

I can only assume a severe mental disability is responsible for this. I don't spend enough time trolling the right-wing blogs, or I guess I'd know that apparently the Islamofascists have captured the memorial for flight 93. See? They've branded it with their scurrilous crescent!

Oh, but it gets worse. Apparently, the crescent points (crescents have points?) to Mecca:

Wow. I imagine the fact that it bisects France isn't making the wingnuts to happy either.

The line that supposedly bisects Mecca doesn't point directly east, nor does it take what could even remotely be called the direct route to Mecca. (North-east to the Holy Land? Really?) Somebody in the batshitcrazyosphere seems to have remembered that, the Earth being a slightly misshapen sphere, if you draw a line long enough, it will eventually bisect any point you like.

Aha! So I admit it!

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Dr. Dawg said...

Reminds me of the wingnuts' blather aobut the JFK half-dollar. The designer's initials, under the head looked exactly like--a hammer and sickle!No..o..o..o..oo!!