Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Bored

There's plenty of stuff to blog about, but instead of filling my head with international politics or energy issues, I'm reading Mimi Smartypants and annoying coworkers with excerpts. Coworkers have left me alone in the cubicle, so I'm sharing with you:
The most tension we had all day was when LT's stepmother brought out some toys for Nora to play with. One of them was a stuffed Noah's Ark, and when I saw it I cried, "Look Nora! A Darwin boat!" Ignoring the dirty looks from The Saved, secular Nora and her secular mommy happily pretended that Noah was Charles Darwin, back from the Galapagos with breeding pairs of animals to study in captivity.
Many thanks to Jon Schwarz for the link.

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