Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bush barred from entry

So... did you miss this story when it happened, too? via Past Peak, Paul Craig Roberts:
Gentle reader, did you know that, in April, President Bush went to Stanford University to speak to the Hoover Institution fellows at the invitation of former Secretary of State George Shultz but was not allowed on campus? The Stanford students got wind of it and blocked Bush’s access to the campus. The Hoover fellows had to go to Shultz’s home to hear Bush’s pitch for war and more war.

A person might think that it would be national news that Stanford University students would not allow the President of the U.S. on campus. It happened to be a day when hundreds of prospective freshmen were on campus with their parents, many of whom joined the demonstration against Bush. I did not hear or read a word about it. Did you? I learned of it from faculty friends in June when I attended Stanford’s graduation to witness a relative receive her degree. The June 16 edition of The Stanford Daily reprinted its April 24 report of the episode.
I wrote the following in Jonathan's comments:


It's worse than you think. Just did a quick Lexis-Nexis search. Results: covered it, but (much as I like it) that's hardly a major news source.

The NYT covered Bush's visit to Stanford - a month after it happened, and without mentioning the schedule change. The protests are mentioned, and the meeting at Schulz's house, but not the change of location or the reasons for it.

The only "major" media that covered it (per Lexis at least) seems to have been the Contra Costa Times. I can't tell whether it was picked up by any other Knight-Ridder papers.


It's rather weird that this didn't even show up in the major blogs. A google blog search of Dailykos doesn't turn up anything, and I don't remember Atrios mentioning it. Still, way to go Stanfordians! Stanfordites! Stanforders! Whatever! Keep up the good work!

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