Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Ann Coulter of the North

VIMY RIDGE, France (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured the First World War battlefield at Vimy Ridge on Tuesday where he quipped that the enemy now carries news cameras, not guns.

Harper made the comment during a photo-opportunity at a front line Canadian trench, just metres from the opposing German line.

"These were sand, not cement," Harper said of the reconstructed sandbags.

"And the enemies carried guns, not (a) camera," he added, looking directly over the lip of the old trench at a small clutch of Canadian TV and still cameras.
Sweet Jesus. Now the conservatives in Canada are drinking the treason Kool-Aid, too?

Let's be clear - in the context of Vimy ridge, Harper was comparing journalists who've refused to bow and scrape before his pomposity, to German soldiers who killed Canadians.

He called journalists enemies. Not just his enemies, but enemies of Canada. He called journalists traitors. For no better reason than because they refuse to play his childish games.

God, it's even worse than the Ann Coulters and Michelle Malkins down south. There at least they try and connect it somehow with the Islamofascist threat. But it seems that here in Canada Harper is even dumber than Bush.

I was willing to give Harper some slack - new PM, leading a pretty raucous caucus, trying to find his footing - but screw him and his know-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing government.

Every day he's PM makes Canada a worse country.


Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

"Every day he's PM makes Canada a worse country."

Great finishing move!!!

Ti-Guy said...

He can't change Canada. He can only prove that his government will be a disaster.

Toronto Tory said...
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Toronto Tory said...

That's not what he meant..

.. although, you know that, of course.

So I suppose it doesn't really matter.

john said...

Please, explain what he DID mean.

adam said...

"'And the enemies carried guns, not (a) camera,' he added, looking directly over the lip of the old trench at a small clutch of Canadian TV and still cameras."

The implication is clear (assuming that Harper's actions and words are accurately depicted), so I'm curious about what he might have otherwise meant as well.

Babbling Brooks said...

It was what's commonly known as a "quip", kids. Perhaps a thin-skinned and petty quip, but a joke nonetheless.

If he's as bad as you say he is, and he really thought the press were a bunch of traitors - true enemies of our nation - don't you think he would have brought the jackboot down on them the minute he achieved office?

You might not like his sense of humour, but don't pretend you don't recognize such an obvious expression of it.

john said...

That's the whole point, BB.

You don't joke about treason.

You don't joke about aiding Canada's enemies in a time of war.

You don't joke about your political difficulties being equal to being shot at.

Its obscene.

And its what's been so toxic to American rhetoric, and Harper knows he can count on so-called "Tory" votes by bringing the Republican party north.