Monday, June 12, 2006

Now I've Seen Everything

I generally don't take libertarians seriously, because I've always figured that the best example of a libertarian paradise would be Somalia - look! No government! See how happy everyone isn't?

So it's with a mix of humour and depression that I read this:
The End of the Salad Days in Somalia

Fifteen glorious years without a central government in Somalia! It was typically described as a "power vacuum," as if the absence of a taxing, regulating, coercing junta is an unnatural state of affairs, one that cannot and should not last....

Since that time, Somalia has done quite well for itself, thank you (BBC: "Telecoms Thriving in Lawless Somalia").
It's a good thing Ayn Rand lends herself so easily to parody. I just wish every horse's ass I knew in high school hadn't tried to justify his horse-assedness with "objectivism."


Ronald Brak said...

Oh yes, Somalia is quite a paradise. True the infant morality rate is 11.5%, but on the bright side the the lack of public roads makes it almost impossible to travel in the countryside which has slowed the spread of HIV and given Somalians a higher life expectancy than several other African nations. See how the miracle of libertarianism saves lives? Things are so good in Somalia that I expect extreme North American libertarians to move there enmass anytime now. Or at least I hope they will. They can let us know how good their new lives are by blogging about it. Over wireless connections of course.

Declan said...

Thanks for the humourous link, hard to say whether that is ripe for parody or beyond parody.

I think my favourite line was the closing one, with its touching childlike naivety:

"If some group claims to be the government, the proper answer should be: "Yeah, and I'm the Duke of Windsor. Get a life."

We really need a clarification on whether you still give this answer when the 'so called government' has a gun pointed at your head.