Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Music

Within a minute of getting the email from a friend, I was downloading the song "Better in Manhattan" by Casey Dienel (this is an indication of how much I trust said friend's judgement in musical matters.)

By the second minute of the song, I was downloading the rest of the songs available on that page.

Before the track had finished playing, I was blogging it. (This is an indication of how right my friend was.)

You should go listen to Better in Manhattan by Casey Dienel, available here.


Battlepanda said...

I liked the song. I really like well-observed story songs, not exactly a staple nowdays. On the strength of "better in Manhattan", I even checked out a coupld of other songs on the site by other artists. I couldn't help but notice the tendency to sing with this broken, swooping voice that's kind of grating to my ear. Is this what all the indie kids are doing thesedays?

john said...

I dont know. Kids these days... with the rap music... and the pants down to here...

Actually, now that you mention it, that voice does seem kind of familiar, esp. with female vocalists. Or maybe I'm crazy.

Fag Fucker said...

Hey, I'm glad you liked the song and trust my taste.

I should note that I got the tip from, which is pretentious as hell and focuses on a lot of obscure acts, but is also one of the best music sites on the net.