Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Clearing out some links from storage:

1) The left-wing argument against The West Wing, by Ezra Klein.

2) Scientists: Gore is right. But they're all gay married commies.

3) We should stop calling Bush incompetent. Rather, we should say that he's a disaster, and that's what you get when you elect Republicans.

4) DC gets hit by the global warming that doesn't exist.

5) A terrifying message from Al Gore, with Bender the robot as guest-star.

6) The US Congress - being innumerate, apparently - thinks that the oil sands will save them from OPEC. I keep saying, and nobody listens: OPEC hasn't been relevant for, like, 4 years. Get used to it.

7) Finally, I just want to say that when I heard the US Army was upping the maximum enlistment age to 42, all I could think of was Bart Simpson's quote about Generation X: "We need another Vietnam. Thin out their ranks a little." Somehow, I didn't imagine that Matt Groening worked in the Defense Planning Board, perhaps in the seat next to Richard Perle.

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