Saturday, June 03, 2006

God Bless Canada, indeed

I dunno about you, but this single sentence makes me happier to be Canadian then anything else I've read lately:
Several Conservatives, most recently Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn, who originally said no to same-sex unions, now say they would not vote to reopen the issue, arguing that Canada has moved on.
Yes, that's right. This issue - which was a life-and-death struggle to preserve the sanctity of our bodily fluids, puppies, and sunny days only a year ago - is now something that Canada has "moved on" from.

They'll hold this vote on SSM again, they'll lose again, despite being the government, and hopefully we can all shut up about what the grooms (or brides) do with their naughty bits.

Hahaha. Just kidding. Expect Stephen Harper to use his 2nd loss on this issue to say that what he really needs is to be the leader of a Conservative majority, so he can stop the icky gayz from having teh marriage. Maybe, if he's lucky, after the next election he'll still have official party status.

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Joshua Kubinec said...

I'm thinking that this whole vote is a straw man.

They'll word the bill to read "do you want to have more discussion on same sex marriage?" Then a lot of Conservatives who may not necessarily be in favour of the idea can vote no and say they're tired of talking about it.

From there, they'll say "see look! We don't mind gay people! We even decided that we didn't want to talk about how we don't like the fact that they're allowed to get married anymore!"

And of course you'll see the usual suspects in the party get completely sold out and made to look kooky by their own party, then marginalized to the sidelines so that the real agenda can be implemented in the long run.