Monday, June 19, 2006

"The Final Word Is Hooray."

FAIR has a fantastic piece up about the cheerleading the American press did for the war in Iraq.

It's worth remembering that, in among all the celebrating over America's military triumph post-April, 2003, there was also an immediate beginning of discussions as to which country would "be next", with Iran and Syria being at the top of everyone's list.

Fortunately for Tehran and Damascus, the insurgency took the wind out of those sails, but I remember thinking then that normal states don't keep a hit list.

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Psychols said...

This represented dilemna for me. I favour the US ideals of democracy and personal freedom but oppose the current administration and their PNAC sponsored quest for global "leadership".

Canada supports the US in military endeavours. (i.e. we may disagree with their initiative but we don't want to see US troops dying).

Unfortunately the knowledge that there was a hit list suggested that an outright victory in Iraq might lead to further military adventure. Coupled with the political expectation that a winning war president might lead to a series of war presidents and public support for the PNAC agenda and there was pressure to hope that the US was not 100% successful in Iraq.

Either way, there was going to be pain and death for soldiers and civilians.

Just as bad, had Iraq been a total success, our current PM (Harper) would likely have involved us in whatever military adventure the US chose next.