Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This National Post article is fascinating, for what's missing - namely, any contact with reality whatsoever:
CALGARY - Canadians are getting accustomed to viewing the Athabasca oilsands as the Holy Grail to an oil-starved world, but the outside view remains cautious.
Cautious, you say? Why's that? The environmental costs? The dependence on natural gas? The fact that it's the definition of unsustainable?

"There is much more awareness [of the oilsands worldwide] than a couple of years ago, but what I notice is that deeply in the mindset of the oilmen there is a scare that there will be an oversupply" of oil that will drive prices down, making Canada's high-cost oil less economic.
Exactly where is this oversupply going to come from, I wonder. Exactly which part of the planet Earth is going to suddenly start spewing forth oil in such volume that we will not only satisfy world demand, but exceed it and have a glut?

The answer is Nowheresville - population: The National Post, apparently.

Speaking of, I'd just like to make a request: If you're going to write a critical review of Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth, could you please try to avoid comparisons to Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, or Mao? It makes you look, well, crazy.

Somedays I think it must be nice to be a right-wing hack - the work is much easier, apparently.

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