Thursday, May 25, 2006

Suckers, all of you!

TORONTO -- The National Post apologized Wednesday for publishing an erroneous story last week claiming that an Iranian law would require Jews and Christians to wear badges identifying them as religious minorities.

The article Friday caused an international uproar. Tehran on Wednesday summoned Canada's ambassador to its foreign ministry.
Yup. And the sucker-in-chief is none other than Stephen Harper.
The meeting comes on the heels of comments by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who said Friday that while he couldn't vouch for the accuracy of the National Post report, he believed Iran was capable of such actions.
You can always bet that no matter how irresponsible it might be to speculate about the actions of foreign governments, the Conservatives will be there.

Unless, of course, the foreign government is our neighbour to the south. In which case speculating that they might, say, wage a war for oil would be irresponsible America-hatred.

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wonderdog said...

And our ambassador to Iran was called on the carpet for it.

Well done, Stevie.

Although one commenter tells me there's nothing wrong with that....