Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Over-Used Pun: Reefer Madness!

Anybody else remember how the US screamed bloody murder when the Liberals were talking about lessening the penalties for personal use?
As it happens, no fewer than 11 states on this side of the border have made the decision not to bother filling their prisons with recreational potheads. Among them are not only such states as California and Oregon, which you might expect, but states such as North Carolina and Mississippi, which you might not. About 100 million Americans live in places where pot has been decriminalized....

Looking at these places, "you can't tell the difference from how many people use marijuana," says University of Maryland, College Park economist Peter Reuter. A 1999 report commissioned by the National Academy of Sciences found "there is little evidence that decriminalization of marijuana use necessarily leads to a substantial increase in marijuana use."
You mean, pot is so available, and existing law is so laughable on its face, that people don't see a need to fly to the dope-haven of North Carolina?

Shocking, I know.

Seriously, how are we run by idiots? Something that's unrelated, but has been bothering me for a while:

Why the queasiness among some US liberals to call Bush a liar? My theory is this: As much as Bush's lies say a lot about him, the fact that his obvious lies still got him re-elected say much, much more about the American people. American liberals need to confront that fact first before they can think about winning the White House back.

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Declan said...

"Seriously, how are we run by idiots?"

That my friend, is the question of the ages.