Thursday, April 20, 2006

Further Things I Did Not Know

While I was aware there was a strong, vocal opposition to the US Constitution at the time of its drafting, I was unaware that there was a collection of "anti-Federalist Papers" made in response to the Federalist papers. You can, if you're interested, find the full text here.

I went looking for that in response to Jon Schwarz's response to John "Torture is Dandy" Yoo:
But John Yoo has some surprising news: the anti-federalists were right! The Constitution does give the president, particularly in matters of war and peace, exactly the same powers of the British king circa 1787! The only difference is, Yoo thinks this is a good thing.
What's scary is not just that Yoo thinks this is a good thing, but I suspect many - God willing, not most - Americans think this is a good thing, too. How else to explain the collective yawns that have followed the uncountable scandals since 9/11?

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