Friday, March 17, 2006

The World is Strange and Unfair

PZ Meyers:
1965: First contact: Mary and I are in same third grade class. Protective shell of cooties and girl's germs around Mary inhibits interaction. Mary increases inhibition by being consistently smarter than me. Except in spelling. I rule in spelling; I think there must be some fundamental association between spelling ability and intelligence.

1970: Junior high years: I enter puberty. At the same time, Mary's cooties and girl's germs dissipate.
Funny how those two events so often coincide: boy hits puberty, suddenly girls aren't icky anymore.

The great injustice, in my eyes, is that the reverse is so often not true. It was years after I started noticing the non-ickiness of girls - oh so many long years - before girls showed any evidence of being at all interested in me. It was many years more before the magic combination of me being interested in a girl who was also interested in me occurred.

I can only assume the entire female gender is insane. Either that, or they didn't share my adolescent passion for science fiction and strategy-based computer games. Which amounts to the same thing, doesn't it?

(Note: Like PZ, I also ruled in spelling in the third grade. I attribute this to my reading of science fiction, and Archie comics. There was, however, no noticeable impact on the opposite gender from my leet grammatical skillz.)

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