Monday, March 20, 2006

PNAC, circa 1790

Convinced that the "victory of liberty over despotism" spelled an end to wars, the National Assembly [of France] resolved in May 1790 that the "French nation renounces the initiation of war for the purposes of conquest," and Victor Comte de Mirabeau, it's most influential early leader, proclaimed in August that "the moment is not far off when liberty will acquit mankind of the crime of war." Finally, the French Constitution of September 1791 incorporated the renunciation of "war for the purposes of conquest" in Article 6.

-Guenther E Rothenburg, "The Origins, Causes and Extensions of the Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon" Journal of Interdisciplinary History, v. 18 #4 p. 778
September 1791: France renounces war, says liberty, equality, and fraternity will bring global peace.

July 1792: France declares war on Austria.

Once - just once - I'd like to believe a large, imperial power when they say democracy will bring peace to the world.

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Westacular said...

...and proceeds to fight everyone in Europe for the next 23 years, continuously.