Friday, March 17, 2006

My Degree Will Be Lopsided

I'm doing a double major - Political Science and Communications (with a minor in history!) This leads to a certain amount of... schizophrenia in one's academic life.

For example, a sentence I heard on Monday in one of my PoliSci classes, representative of the general level of conversation:

"Yeah, but is that in nominal GDP or purchasing-power-parity? Are we talking GDP, or GDP per capita?"

In contrast, a sentence I heard in my Communications class last night:

"Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is an excellent example of ethnic media."

Well. At least half of my degree will be useful.


Flocons said...

Which half are you referring to?

john said...

Not sure, exactly. Maybe one will be 1/3 useful, the other will be 1/5 useful. Or something.