Monday, March 27, 2006

For Once, Big Oil Isn't To Blame

Via Suburban Guerilla:
WASHINGTON, March 26, 2006 — American attitudes about global warming are shifting, according to a new poll by ABC News, Time magazine and Stanford University — but it has taken years for the public perception of the problem to catch up with the warnings.

That lack of concern may have been just what big oil wanted.

It's not as if the information hasn't been out there: A new ad by the Environmental Defense Fund warns time is running out to combat climate change, adding, "Our future is up to you."
Yes, and if the American media didn't respond to every new piece of evidence by mindlessly portraying Climate Change as a "theory" instead of a fact, those poll numbers would've changed years ago. Instead (and in marked contrast with European media) CNN continually portrays climate changes as a controversy.

Partly, this is journalistic convention - you report the dispute. Of course, this is one of those many times that journalistic convention gets in the way of the truth. And the American people have been poorly served by their media. And the media may be influenced by big oil, but the US press should've had a spine, goddammit, and told the truth.

We (rightfully) expect honesty from our leaders. We should expect honesty from reporters too, even if that gets in the way of "balance".

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