Thursday, February 16, 2006

The NDP Leading in Ontario?

To quote Atrios, Jeebus doesn't love us this much:
The Decima Research survey of 1,010 adult Canadians, conducted between Feb. 9 and 13, suggests there has been no significant change in national support for the Tories.

Thirty-five per cent of respondents said they would vote Conservative, compared with 36 per cent who cast ballots on election day.

The poll put support for the Liberals at 25 per cent, down five percentage points from Jan. 23....

In Ontario, the poll suggests the three main parties would be in a virtual dead heat, with 31 per cent supporting the NDP, 30 per cent backing the Liberals, and 29 picking the Conservatives.

The survey suggests Bloc Québécois support has declined since the vote, with 35 per cent of Quebec respondents supporting the separatist party compared to 42 per cent who voted BQ last month.
Wow. The NDP at 31 in Ontario, with the Bloc down to 35%. So far, I'm really liking the Harper government.

Of course, he'll ruin it the moment we can find him again...

Seriously, if the Liberals think they can force an election and win, we're going to see a smoking crater where there used to be a Big Red Machine.

(Poll link via Accidental Deliberations.)

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