Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hilarity Abounds

In comments, Westacular points out that CBC's lawyers are overriding the explicit wishes of music artists:
They played a few songs at relevant points in the interview -- songs that the blurb says have been removed from the online release. The irony is that at one point, before playing Avril's Skater Boi, McBride said to the kids at home something to the effect of, "Go ahead and record this on your iPod. I don't mind. Avril doesn't mind. Go right ahead!"

Apparently CBC's lawyers mind.
Ah, our public broadcaster, serving us all so well. I mean, I love the CBC and all, but why are they so terrified of this?

Secondly (and this isn't really ironic, just funny) Kevin Drum is hawking titanium frying pans. This is funny to me, because I've seen these pans before, and was initially interested in them until I had a conversation with the salesman. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Wow - non-teflon, non-stick frying pans. Just titanium, huh?
Salesman: Yup. Made in Germany.
Me: Really? Who in Germany is making titanium frying pans? (Dreading answer.)
Salesman: A company called Krupp.
Me: (Dread justified.)

Now, the company Kevin points us all to is Danish, so he suggests getting a frying pan to support free speech. Whatever. If it means money goes to the Danes instead of the company that used to make artillery for the Kaiser and the Nazis, I'm all for it. Several of the Krupps were indicted at the Nuremberg Tribunal, so I say buy Denmark.


Anonymous said...

No products by Krupp? Good for you. I assume you also don't buy anything made by Bayer (used slave labour), Ford (supported the Nazis), VW (company started by Hitler) and IBM (provided punch card systems used by concentration camps to record details of their victims). Of course, the list goes on to include major European and US banks who financed the Nazi war effort, and corporations who supported it.

But why stop there? With a little research just about any major corporation can be tied to human rights violations somewhere. Kind of limits your shopping, doesn't it?

john said...

Believe me, it does limit one's shopping.

For the record, I don't own a car of any kind, much less a Ford, VW, or Mitsubishi. I haven't needed prescription drugs in something like a decade (knock on wood) so I'm relatively sure I haven't used anything by Bayer.

A nice attempt at reductio ad absurdum, but my argument was simply that if there's a less morally ambiguous choice available, people should go for it. I didn't say people should never buy Krupp, after all.

adam said...

Bit of a late comment, but I wanted to point out that the pans that Drum is plugging do use non-stick compounds, they're just better attached to the surface, so you can abuse the pans a bit more.

Free advice: cast iron pans if properly seasoned don't stick, heat evenly, and add trace amounts of iron to your diet. And unlike aluminum, titanium or teflon, iron in the diet is a good thing. I've had one for years and it cooks beautifully.