Friday, January 27, 2006


The Conservative policy proposal on electoral reform, c/o Idealistic Pragmatist:
i) A Conservative Government will consider changes to electoral systems, including proportional representation, the single transferable ballot, fixed election dates, and the use of referendums.
So what's upsetting about that? Read it again...

The plural of referendum is referenda.

This would be less aggravating to me if, as a fourth-year student of mass communications, I didn't still have to listen to students use the word "mediums".


Anonymous said...

The neverending referendum debate!:->

The plural of referendum in English is referendums.

Only Latin nouns ending in -um (such as medium) have a plural in -a.

Referendum is a gerund, and as such has no plural in Latin and it is incorrect to invent one.

Anonymous said...

Technically either is correct according to Merriam Webster.

check the link!

peterlc said...

Every gerund, without exception, ends in -ing.