Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Out of Touch"

Reading the comments at Antonia Zerbisias' blog, I come across this gem:
The change of government will show once and for all the bias of the Toronto media elites and will indicate once and for all that Toronto is out of touch — truly out of touch — with Canada. You don't speak for Canadians.
Poor, deluded moron.

Population of the Greater Toronto Area, according to statscan: 5.3 Million.
Population of the entire province of Alberta, according to same: 3.2 Million.

The GTA has more people than any other province except Ontario or Quebec, almost as much people as either Quebec or all the western provinces combined.

Out of touch with Canada? We are Canada, asswipe.


Rob Cottingham said...

Can I take it "We are Canada, asswipe" is the new Council on Canadian Unity slogan? :)

Halden said...

Toronto and the GTA may have a greater population than ALberta but not more than the rest of Canada which Torontonians tend to ignore. They care only what happens between Barrie and Windsor.

Westacular said...

Toronto isn't even between Barrie and Windsor.