Friday, January 27, 2006

In Defense of Robots

Okay, this had me laughing:
OTTAWA (CP) - He hasn't even been sworn in yet, but in a 22-minute heartbeat Thursday, Stephen Harper placed his stamp on the country's highest elected office.

The title of prime minister "sounds good," Harper corrected a media questioner in his first news conference since being elected Monday....

Harper's stiff aura of power is more suited to high office than opposition glad-handing. This, after all, is a man who shakes the hand of his seven-year-old daughter for the news cameras when dropping the young sprite off at school.
The hell? He shook her hand?

He shook her hand???

Now, I know, some of you are already thinking we elected Prime Minister Lt. Commander Data. But in fairness to Stephen Harper, I can present evidence that Harper is in fact capable of showing emotion:

When I saw this picture a few weeks ago, I have to say I was really impressed. It was the first time that Harper came across at all as a human being to me. It surprised me that I hadn't seen the picture before, for that reason.

(Note also that I continue to build my case that more politicians should wear glasses. Not that I'm trying to push a self-serving agenda. Ahem.)

So here's the question: Was Harper-bot's emotion chip on the fritz, or does he have a hug-double for the photographers?

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