Sunday, January 22, 2006

I No Longer Believe in Evolution

From Boingboing:
I've been opening my bananas stem-side first all my life. On Friday, David showed me how monkeys open bananas. They pinch them on the other end. Boy, it's a lot easier. I'll never open a banana the dumb way again.
I'm going to have to try this with the next banana I eat, but surely this disproves Darwin, right? I mean, if we came from monkeys then surely we'd remember the right way to eat a banana? In other Darwin-related news, apparently scientists have figured out how the ear evolved, via Gene at Battlepanda:
STOCKHOLM (AFP) - A Swedish study of 370-million-year-old fossil fish has shown that ears probably first developed as respiratory organs, one of the researchers on the project said.

The fossils "show how the ear developed in detail as a complex process of steps ... and that the (first development) had to do with breathing," Per Ahlberg of Uppsala University, north of Stockholm, told AFP.
As Gene notes, this is another blow to the one of the arguments behind the modern creationist movement - that complex systems like eyes and ears cannot evolve from lesser parts (or something, I don't care.)

At this point, a victory against the creationists feels oddly disappointing. Not only is it about as challenging as beating up a three year old, but you feel dirty that it's even necessary.


Battlepanda said...

Wow. This is really weird. Blogger ate Gene's post completely. It's not on my blog now, the link you have on your post goes to a 404. It's like your post is the only proof we have that his post ever existed and it was out there and visible. Strange.

Battlepanda said...

Nevermind...gene got it to come back. The way of blogger is mysterious.