Monday, January 23, 2006

Busy Morning

So far today I've voted, interviewed two people for the school paper, written an article for said paper, and finished up a 12-page presentation for class later today.

I really get a kick out of voting. Every time. It was blissfully quick this time around, because I'm actually registered (last time I wasn't.)

You've still got 9 hours to vote in Ontario - please do it. You can go to Elections Canada, punch in your Postal Code, and find where your local poll is. Show up with ID and a pulse, and you're in.

We're very fortunate in this country that the law says, and the courts have reinforced this, that the right to vote should be made as widely available as possible. That, combined with competent election-management and a fair system of deciding the boundaries of ridings, have given us a half-decent voting system. Certainly, when you compare our House of Commons to the abomination that is the US House of Representatives, we look great.

None of the above should be taken as an argument against further reforms - far from it. But today I feel really good to be a Canadian.

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