Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Missed Harper Doing Something Dumb.

...But Skippy caught Harper's announced defense policy, and why it, well, isn't a defense policy.
What's missing, alas, is any kind of statement on what role the military would play under Harper. And that matters, because he's on record as supporting Canadian involvement in invading Iraq. He's seen the light now, so there is no risk of seeing Canadian Forces committed there. But if a similar situation arose next year, would he show the same lack of judgment he showed in 2003? Would Paul Martin, for that matter?
My bet is yes.

In a later post, Skippy furthers his theory that what we're seeing is the Conservative discovery of pandering. Frankly, this trend worries me. Guess what? Pandering works. If the tories have finally learned the noble art of vote-buying, I think that actually portends very well for them - much more than any "moderate" social stances they might take.

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