Monday, November 28, 2005

Mike Harris: Yup, Racist

Harris wanted 'Indians out' of Ipperwash: Harnick News Staff

Just hours before native protester Dudley George was shot dead by police at Ipperwash Provincial Park, former Ontario premier was heard yelling that he wanted "the fucking Indians out of the park."

Former attorney general Charles Harnick told a public inquiry into the incident Monday that as he walked into a meeting attended by Ontario Provincial Police officer Ron Fox, he heard Harris make the comment in anger.

"As I walked into the dining room, the premier in a loud voice said, 'I want the fucking Indians out of the park,'" Harnick told the inquiry.

"I was at that point just taking my seat. I didn't hear who had spoken previously to evoke that comment, but then there was complete silence in the room."

Harnick said "he was stunned'' by what he thought was a "wrong and inappropriate comment."
This isn't a surprise to anyone - it's been suspected for some time, this is just the first time we've got it on the public record.

This inquiry would never have happened if the Tories had been reelected. Dalton McGuinty just made me happy I voted Liberal in the last election. Now, if he puts the kibosh on new nuclear plants, I might even vote to re-elect.

Despite what you'll see in the news, the point is not that Harris used a dirty word. The point is that hot-headed Harris got so angry that he unleashed the police on what had been a peaceful protest, and gave them no illusions as to what he wanted to happen to the "fucking indians".

(And by the way, if you're going to use the word "fucking" in the story, why not use it in the headline?)

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