Monday, November 28, 2005

Even Stupider Than That "Freedom" Song

Sir Paul McCartney says he will never play in China because of the way dogs and cats are killed for their fur.

The ex-Beatle was given a preview screening of undercover footage taken in a fur market in Guangzhou, southern China....

Sir Paul and wife Heather were close to tears as they watched the undercover report.

Sir Paul said: "This is barbaric. Horrific. It's like something out of the dark ages. And they seem to get a kick out of it. They're just sick, sick people.

"I wouldn't even dream of going over there to play, in the same way that I wouldn't go to a country that supported apartheid."
Holy Christ - this is what set him off? Let's see... on my list of outrages in China, my list would begin with:
1) The ongoing crackdown of legal, democratic movements in villages across China.

2) The farcical justice system, which executes dozens of people every year without anything close to a fair trial.

3) The continuing threats against Taiwan and Japan.

4) The stifling of democracy in Hong Kong.

5) The intrusive surveillance of all aspects of life, including use of the Internet.
Wow. See, animal cruelty didn't even make my top five. I'm pretty sure I could make another five without getting anywhere near animal cruelty.

In case you missed my point, there are actual living, breathing, human beings being killed and otherwise abused in China. Maybe Paul could have announced his boycott for one of them.

Oh, and China (despite recent relaxation) still has an apartheid system that restricts where people can live and what jobs they can hold. Needless to say, the majority of Chinese have no say in their government.

Paul McCartney. What a tool.

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Liam said...

Well said. This is another good example of animal rights overshadowing human rights... shit.